• Katharine Gailard

Let's talk fertility

Finding a quiet, relaxed time to talk about fertility is key in treatment. Finding the right person is even more crucial.

Talking with family and friends often makes the issues feel bigger as everyone then knows. The quality of one session with my clients will clear months and often years of desperation, pain and confusion about 'why me'. Usually within a very short period of time, the session begins to turn from talking and clearing emotion to listening. The real truth of why so many couples are now struggling, is heaven to my client's hearts. They can finally breathe and get off the cycle of fear and hope. They arrive at a new approach they never realised existed. Please share with anyone struggling with fertility issues or failed IVF. #ivfjourney #infertility #naturalfertility #babymaking #heathlyeggs #ttcjourney #thefertilityshow #ivfbabble #ovusense #gratitude #miraclebody #mamabefertility #yogaforfertility #reflexogy #acupuncture #chineseherbs #healthysperm #healthyeggs #ovulation

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