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Have you been trying for ages with no success? Have you had poor fertility test results? Are you feeling desperate and like you left it too late? Maybe guilty for having a career or not looking after your body? Do you feel like hope is fading and in a panic to find a solution quickly? Do you feel alone and fearful much of the time? You’ve tried so much as a couple and feel you failed in some way? 


1 in 6 couples struggle with fertility issues so you are not alone. 


Do something really positive now to overcome the challenge and desperation you feel.

Mama Be works with and through these issues to help restore your  body's natural health and fertility. 


Regardless of whether you have suffered from unexplained infertility, secondary infertility, low AMH results, failed IVF, PCOS endometriosis, hormone imbalance, have poor hormone and/or sperm results, or even miscarriage issues treatment is possible. The Natural Fertility plan has a 71% Success Rate. 

This is achieved with unlimited, personal devotion and care for my client's. It is a unique approach that is based on a 360 approach to treatment that RESETS your natural fertility. Please note, that individual natural health treatments rarely work.

No couple should be without specialist support at this most important time, and natural fertility is the way forward. I wrote Mama Be programmes so you could choose to avoid the need for Oral hormone treatment and IVF treatments completely. Listen to the lady in this audio realise what working with me is like. To this day I still see miracles with my clients and hold their faith until finally we get that little 'oh so important' little blue line!

Just listen to the magic Natural Fertility can create!

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Katharine Gailard

Telephone: +44 (0)1628 487853  / +44(0)7747 630119


Marlow SL7, UK

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The Mama Be Natural Fertility Clinic is approximately 30minutes by car or train West of West London.  Easy access from M40 and M4 by car and 5minutes by taxi from Maidenhead (Paddington line) or High Wycombe train stations. By air from outside the UK, it is a 20minutes taxi ride (or special collection by arrangement) from London Heathrow.

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Katharine Gailard

I'm a speaker and annual exhibitor at the Fertility Show in London, regular BBC radio guest, specialised natural fertility coach, reflexologist and emotional coach. Over the last 15 years, I have developed the skills and knowledge that have led me to write the Mama Be programme for natural fertility. We were never taught all we need to know about preconception health and increasing our chances of pregnancy. The 360 whole person approach I take is unique and THE alternative to ivf.

Having experienced success with many couples, some within as few as one intensive one day session, I have shared their joy and I know there is a place for Mama Be to help. I fell pregnant at 44 following my own treatment plan and have complete trust in the miracles it can achieve. Read about "My Story" on my blog page here.

Every couple, their journey and their needs are different, which is why personal coaching is so effective. I live in Buckinghamshire UK, approximately 40 minutes west of London and treat my clients both in person and online. My mission is to ensure natural fertility becomes recognised for its true effectiveness and every couple has access to professional help. A fertility education for all.


  • Katharine Gailard, IIHT Diploma Reflexology

  • Specialist Maternity Reflexology Certification

  • Coaching philosophies: 12 Core Dynamics, UK

  • Human Potentials Coaching Transformation Programme, Australia

  • EFT Certificate & NPA Non Personal Awareness

  • Bio-energetic Certificate & Reiki Certificate

  • Full professional insurance


In person consultations and treatments

Mama Be is the Natural Fertility choice for anyone trying to conceive before considering IVF treatment. In my professional opinion, many couples do not require IVF and I often treat couples that fail IVF. I welcome you to come and work with me in person at my clinic in Buckinghamshire. I LOVE working together in person as you get so much more transformation quickly. You can choose the treatment plan that works best for you in terms of location and time.


Then begin by simply connecting with me for a free, confidential consultation in person or book online now a time and date to start. See the treatment choices...

Natural Fertility Treatment in the UK

Other online solutions

Simpler than ever before. Now finally clients can work with me from all over the world at home. Your choice of plan reflects where you are and what you need, so take a look.


All online options have personalised consultations with me and are followed by a selection of virtual sessions. Watch, learn and take the steps. Fertilisation is all about egg and sperm quality and the 12 week course aims to RESET your body's natural fertile health. Providing my clients with the resources they need to get their health on track — you’ll leave your online plan well informed and confident that your health is in good hands.


Plus you'll get some amazing free resources included with your course to use time and time again. You're fully supported the whole time and kept on track.


I would highly recommend anyone to spend some time with Katharine. I did an intense full day after months of struggling to have a baby and enjoyed every minute.  I had started to lose hope and was looking for someone to point me in the right direction.  Just a few hours with Katharine was so powerful, the time flew by and I left with so many new ideas.  Most importantly I left with a reignited hope and excitement for the future.  She was worth every penny and I am now pregnant!" 



Just had our first session with Katharine Gailard. What can I say, fantastic, fantastic woman. Full of Knowledge, very caring, very open. Completely felt at ease as soon as we arrived in her house and she really treats you like family. Her advice and everything she went through in the first session is amazing. Thoroughly recommend her. She's just amazing.....

Listen to the change

Mama Be can create

Client testimonial


I was so unhappy and worried about my future but working with Katharine just changed everything. I felt ok about having to have IVF (my fallopian tubes were damaged) as she explained the positives. I completed her whole fertility plan and felt calm and ready for treatment. She focused on my PCOS and we worked on this using holistic approaches. The clinic were amazed by my results as I got 8 eggs fertilized. I now have a baby girl called Bonny and she's perfect. I have seven frozen for the future.

Come work with me in person

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Natural Fertility Plan


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