Creating Miracle No. 2

When my clients return to have their second baby I am always thrilled! So my lovely client today was originally one of my most challenging to date as when we first met her periods where fairly non existent. She is a gem of a client in that she follows the Mama B pan to a T! Now she has a glorious little boy keeping her very busy!

Today, was clearly showing me a need to refresh and revisit where we could improve her fertile state as her periods had disappeared again. So we did this with ease and discussed everything we needed to do. I made further recommendations of supplements and herbs that would be considered as alternatives to drugs. The funny thing was that sometimes intuition is strong with woman. I found myself wanting to tell her she needed to maybe take a break from a stressful legal career and go away abroad.

Now, that is something I have only ever recommended to one other woman. Why? Because she has a unique sensitivity about her. It Her ethnic origins definitely benefit from huge amounts of sunlight too. It was a very surprising session as we had to step out to the fringes of what is the normal science of pregnancy and explore energy related issues of her life which have such a enormous impact on sensitive energy.